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    Web / Email Hosting in Cambodia

    FreelanceCambodia want to help offer our clients the best web hosting available in Cambodia as we know that many of you run your own websites, and develop them for work.

    We can offer a special discount on web and email hosting packages at Host Asean Ltd, a local web hosting enterprise that has set up their own servers in data centres inside Cambodia. We present a 15% discount off any deal listed on and we are equipped to provide assistance if you need any help getting set up. Just use the coupon code 15OFF at the checkout.

    Host Asean Ltd are the newest and only dedicated web and email hosting supplier in Cambodia and present low-latency and-low price enterprise-level services established on servers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with  extra nodes in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and the US. Basically, if you are based over in Cambodia, then hosting your site in the US or Europe makes little sense! If your data has less distance to travel then you’ll experience an incredible difference when the server you are accessing is just around the corner.

    The focus of Host Asean is on providing the quickest low-cost web site hosting for enterprises, organisations, online communities and e-commerce businesses that are set up or wish to establish in Cambodia and Asia. By way of Host Asean’s partnerships with local internet carriers and providers they present unparalleled connectivity for web pages being viewed from any connection inside of the country. Regional peering enables the fastest speeds from Cambodia to worldwide viewers and markets all over the globe.

    Any domestically founded enterprises around our Cambodia hub can potentially do well from relocating their hosting packages to HostAsean. In case your enterprise operates in Asia but hosts its websites someplace else in the world, then you are going to be getting diminished speeds considering the fact that it’s simply further away.


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    Or e-mail [email protected] to have a chat about your website hosting requirements.

    If purchasing online through, use the coupon code 15OFF for a 15% reduction off any package. Discount applies every renewal for the lifetime of your account.