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    Conor Wall is a 31-year-old from Cork, Ireland. Although qualified as an electronic engineer, he has had somewhat of a career change and has been working as a freelance photographer in Phnom Penh, Cambodia since 2007.

    Conor speaks Khmer and specialises in hotel and interior photography, as well as photo documentary, editorial, travel and commercial themes.

    The highlight of Conor’s photography career to date was in 2010, when he released the international best-selling photography book entitled ‘Carrying Cambodia’. He has also had several exhibitions, and had his work featured in a variety of magazines, newspapers, brochures, and journals.

    To learn about Conor’s love affair with Cambodia and see examples of his work, please visit:

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    • Hourly Rate: 60$/h
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    • Experience: 6 years photography experience, specialising in hotel and interior photography, as well as NGO photo documentary and travel themes.
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    • Country: Ireland