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    • cocoverte Sound Designer, Sound Editor/Mixer for films and animation 0 review


    CocoVerte mission is to provide the customers with high quality featured background sound, ideal for promotional audio, videos and 3D animation.
    CocoVerte operate in lots of different areas of sound engineering, such as: dubbing voice mixer, corporate presentations, documentary background sound, TV/Radio commercial spot, advertising media campaign, audio books, web-radio and more…

    Since moving to Cambodia in 2000, Jean-Philippe has worked both as a music teacher and freelance sound designer. In early 2016, he founded his own agency, CocoVerte. Where he worked as Creative Director and was responsible for almost all aspects of day to day operations, creative and production work.

    Six good reasons to hire me!

    – Competent in Ms. Office and Internet research, audio-video software
    – Good communication, interpersonal skills and understanding on Social Issued
    – 5 years of related work experience
    – Good command of English, basic Khmer, excellent command of French
    – Able to pay attention to detail and objectively based
    – Able to work under pressure with high responsibility


    • Hourly Rate: 15$/h
    • Rating:
    • Experience: • Sound Editor/Mixer for films and animation • Webradio Audio Post Production • Live Mixer/Sound Designer for musical theatre and music performances • Corporate jingle-sound Producer and radio commercial spot Producer • Field sound Recording
    • Projects worked: 0
    • Total earned: 0$
    • Country: Cambodia