This website was born from a need to connect freelancers, consultants, contractors, photographers, writers, and all other independent workers with employers looking for specific skilled and short term contracrs and projects.


FreelanceCambodia - Logo (19-12-2014)-50dpi-03Cambodia’s first freelance marketplace was created in 2014 by Joe Ogden after an idea a few years earlier by a small group of expatriate creative professionals working freelance in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

This website is not actively developed and is not run for commercial gain, but simply serves a purpose to connect people.

We want to initiate contact and discussion between freelancers and employers, we don’t get involved in your actual project or any contracts or transactions – make sure you organise all that between yourselves! In the future we hope to┬áprovide contract templates that you can download and use to make things easier.

Agencies will find it easy to handle surplus work, businesses can easily get that flyer made quickly, and everyone can get work arranged and completed with a lot less hassle.

We created this website with a focus on both freelancers and employers, and have both on the team behind the website. There is lots to add but if you have any ideas please email [email protected].