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      • I help manage an apartment with my family
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      • I have over 5 years experience as an recruiter, educator, and writer that has honed my high level of writing as an marketing and economics postgraduate student. In my spare time, I have served as an educator to youth and adults in order to improve their English rhetoric and writing skills.
      • 10$/h
      • When I was in high school I was an English teacher for one year. I also became a translator for Camps International. In September 2020, I interned as a consultant for Girl Boss curriculum in which Launch gURLS and GLOBAL GLOW partnered to create a program to teach girls about entrepreneurship. Starting in November I worked as a researcher for 60 Decibels where my translation skills was also mandatory. Currently, I am interning as a junior consultant at Phum Impact Siem Reap which is a part of Impact Hub Phnom Penh. I also teach Khmer to foreigners via an online teaching site.
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